4k Dispenser

  • Who said size doesn't matter?

    The first and only machine that makes 4 ginseng and barley starting from soluble semi-finished products as large as a 2-product machine.

    A unique design that contains innovation and simplicity in just 21 cm!
    With the 4k dispenser in your coffee bar you can offer sweet and bitter ginseng, barley and a specialty!

    Unique, simple and fast; always ready to prepare up to 4 flavours of barley and ginseng. 😋

    Double the products to offer your customers! 🤩

    Why should you replace your current machine with 4k dispenser?

    ➊ Because in the space occupied by a 2-product machine you put one that makes 4 products!

    ➋ Because can you offer customers both sweet and bitter ginseng and getting back alle the consumers who no longer drink ginseng because it tastes too sweet.

    ➌ Because you double the products you offer to your customers.

    ➍ Because you double the profits.

    ➎ Because if you now use capsules, with 4K you are faster, eco-friendly and earn more.

    ➏ Because you offer a range and become a coffee shop specialist.

    Do you like sweet or bitter ginseng? 🙋‍♀️

    With the 4k dispenser it is very easy to cuddle your customers with products designed specifically for them. Offer a whole range of products and become a coffee shop specialist. 😎

    Do you have a cafe bar? Contact us to have the 4K dispenser in your bar!